Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rachael & Phillip

Saturday’s Mystery Date seemed to me a little sad this week. Rachael, 22, who says “comedy” makes her laugh, maybe needs a little more self-esteem, and Phillip, 34, who somehow got out of the what-makes-you-laugh question, maybe a little less.

“Phillip is such a wonderful guy who really cares. He told me a lot about his life and business. He also told me that he is an actor and he promised to make me an actress.”

Oh, sweetie.

“Sincerely, I don’t think he liked me. At some point he told me he was seriously looking for a girl and mentioned the qualities he wanted. I don’t think I have the qualities. Maybe it was a way of telling me that he was not interested in me.”

Low self-esteem, or just very perceptive and honest with herself.


“I noticed she was difficult to talk to. She answered few of the many questions I asked her. Even then, she would take very long to answer and do so with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ replies. She was not even informed about current affairs and many other important issues. She does not know street names, buildings and important places in town. Therefore our conversation failed to flow and the date became boring…I want a sharp woman who can run my business. She is not that kind of girl. So, in a way she is not very relevant to me. We have nothing in common.”

Doesn’t anyone, aside from Rachael, go into Mystery Date looking for love anymore? Could the problem be the move from Kyoto to Choma? After all, Choma doesn’t have a swing under the stars like Kyoto…

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