Monday, February 4, 2008

Why It's Impossible to Sleep Late in Uganda, and a Sad, Sad Day for New Englanders the World Over

1. Cats. Having arrived home at 6:30 AM after watching the Super Bowl (pictures, full re-cap tomorrow) we feed the cats and let them outside, bypassing our usual need for one person to wake up early and take care of them. We think we are golden for a nice long stretch of sleep before Joan shows up at noon and J has to go to work. At 8:30 Sarge starts meowing. She climbs up the outer gate and sits on the ledge of the small upper window looking into our bedroom. She sees us in there. She wants to be in there. And she has no problem letting us know it. For what seems like hours. I get up and let her in, thinking she’s after her favorite napping spot under the bed. But oh no, she wants to play. Play and meow. I entertain her while J sleeps, knowing I am being too indulgent but too tired to care.

2. Construction. Someone’s got their hands on some power tools. No more simple ripping apart of stones by hand, there is now full on buzzing and whirring, along with the standard hammering of the tin roofs.

3. Trash. It’s always the trash with me, isn’t it? I’m not sure I ever even concluded the garbage saga for my faithful readers. Long story short: we now separately pay two guys to collect our trash. Simon comes knocking at 10:00 AM. Persistently. I get up and bring him the trash.

4. The road. If it’s not garbage, it’s the roads. I’m a broken record, I know. I should probably read the Cormac McCarthy book—can the horror of his road match the horror of the roads in Kampala? I’m interested to see. So they’re actually repaving the road below our apartment. They started two weeks ago or so. That means they should finish by June or July. Even though they’ve smoothed out most of the potholes, there still seem to be enough for passing trucks to hit, rattle around in, wake us up, and then be on their way. This time I’m up for good.

Pats lose. We get no sleep. Everyone’s cranky today.

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