Monday, February 11, 2008

Mystery Date: Masuud & Pamela

A good one this week, people! What exactly does "detoothed" mean? What is "American height" - short or tall? Look what makes Pamela laugh. Amazing.


What makes you laugh? Jokes

The girl was beautiful but not the kind of woman I want for a wife. I am a reserved person who minds what society thinks of me, but she was too bold in dress and behaviour. She looked too easy – like she had met me before. She drunk a lot of booze almost without end! She had no sense of privacy – she told me a lot of things about herself and it seems she has a lot of problems. She has kids and I don’t know why their father refused to marry her.

But there must be something you liked about her?

I said she was beautiful. I was trying to ignore her boldness when she detoothed me, a stranger, without any embarrassment! She asked for airtime from the counter and told the waiter that I would pay! I was annoyed; I could have refused to pay but I chose not to embarrass her. But that was cheap of her. I lost interest and didn’t even ask her for her phone number. But she kept on asking if I was going to call her again for another outing.

You won’t see her again?
I am not interested. Girls who show me too much interest put me off. Whenever the photographer would show up, she would reach out for my hand like we were lovers, ignoring other people in the bar!

How would you want a girl who has fallen for you to show it?
I want a slower, reserved woman who doesn’t come all out at me. There are many ways a woman can show a man without appearing cheap. At least the very first time, don’t show that you are totally overwhelmed.


What do people find attractive about you?
American height
What makes you laugh? Watching a fight

I was surprised because I did not expect my date to be that groomed. The first impression floored me. The guy was okay; the colour I want, the height, the way he speaks and his intelligence. He is a man who would give you pride to walk with along the street. He is courteous, humourous and I think romantic.

Oh my! Are you describing an angel?
Hold on; I am still telling you: He told me he has a son and other men would have hidden it to get what they want first. So he is truthful. He is also a gentleman. I noticed he felt uncomfortable holding hands

But there must be something that he did wrong!
Nothing. I liked everything I saw. He did everything I wanted.

Would you marry him?

If he asked? Yes.

What if he didn’t ask, what would you do to draw his attention?
I am a very bold person, so I would tell him my feelings. I have ever done it. Am I not a human being? I can never be ashamed of my feelings; they are natural.

What if you asked him and he said no?
Once I have said it, I keep on trying – especially when I know he doesn’t have another girl, till I lose hope. But he would have to be a very stubborn and stone-hearted man to resist me.


Carlo said...

This is really hilarious! The differences. I'm afraid of not being accepted on a first date. So I send my 'rep'. And she behaves very well. Is modest, does not talk loudly, says all the right things. Doesn't even sound too intelligent. There!

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