Friday, February 22, 2008

The Uganda Museum

Last Saturday, J, N., and I ventured to the Uganda Museum, the oldest museum in East Africa. Though the museum lies only five minutes from our apartment and we’ve driven by it a hundred times, for some reason we’d never found it particularly inviting. Perhaps because it’s on such a busy road. Perhaps it’s because the letters on the outside of the building are unevenly spaced. I’m not sure.

The map in the lobby shows three wings to the museum. We decided to start in the middle and then tackle the two side branches afterwards. The center section is a mish-mash of old cars, beer bottles, advertisements for the Malaria Consortium and the National Forestry Authority, and framed vintage posters from the Olympics. I believe this is the “Science & Industry Pavilion.” Very, very strange. Why is there a display of beer? I’m not sure because nothing is really labeled.

Things that are labeled are inadequately so. See “umbilical cord,” below.

The left wing of the museum is really just a hallway. There appeared to be some art hanging on one side, but it was covered up. Back in this area a woman played music for five minutes. Was it only because we were back there? Was she following us?

The right wing proved to be the most interesting. It dealt more with Uganda’s cultural history and things were slightly better labeled.

In all it took about 45 minutes to see everything. Totally worth it.


DeTamble said...

That actually looks pretty awesome, maybe even better than the museum in my city. I'm definitely going to have to visit it. Trap for edible rats hahaha great label.

buttercookie said... at the trap for edible rats. But I didn't really get the umblical cord bit.

I've been to that museum twice and I love it. But They shd do a bit more to jazz it up.

The outside should be made more inviting.. Like the cafe next to it- Ibamba. Glad twas worth yo time.