Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sadiq & Josephine 4eva

Last weekend I went with J to his office to use the Internet and do some work. They had an old New Vision from mid-December lying around and J mentioned they had been saving it for me because there was a good Mystery Date inside. I brought the paper home and started reading about Sadiq and Josephine. The first three quarters of the date was fairly banal stuff. I couldn’t figure out why J and N thought it worth saving...until I got to the last paragraph.

Sadiq has already spoken to the interviewer about the date—he found Josephine (nicknamed Baby Face, by the way) to have a nice voice, he liked her ambition to be a singer, and thought she was beautiful. However, she didn’t look him in the eye when she spoke to him. Alas.

Moving on to Baby Face, the interviewer discovered that she found Sadiq to be gentlemanly and comforting, if not a little full of himself. And then the interviewer asked, “Will you go out with him again?” Here is Baby Face’s answer:

“I didn’t keep his phone number, although he gave it to me. I feared my husband might find it. I also didn’t give him my number despite the fact that he asked for it. He is a nice guy but I can’t continue with him since I am committed.”

Um, husband?? Doesn’t she fear that he might see the Mystery Date article? Why are you going on dates if you’re already married?

But it was obvious Baby Face wasn’t a keeper from the beginning (aside from the fact that her nickname is Baby Face): What makes her laugh? “Comedy.”

Well, yeah. That’s sort of the point.

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