Monday, January 21, 2008

Ssese Islands

On Saturday we celebrated J’s birthday at the Mirembe Resort in Kalangala District on Buggala Island, part of the Ssese Island chain in Lake Victoria.

I’ve been told that two things start on time in Uganda: the movies at the theater in Garden City and the ferry to Ssese Islands. The ferry leaves at 2:00 PM on Fridays and returns at 8:00 AM on Sundays in and out of Entebbe (if your driver doesn’t know where he’s going, good luck finding it). It’s a three-hour ride. Our ferry left at 3:30 PM, which means we either got very unlucky or when everyone says the ferry leaves on time, they really mean it leaves an hour and a half late.

We arrived in time for some football on the beach and some quality drinking before dinner was served—coincidentally also an hour and a half late.

We spent the remainder of the evening around the bonfire in the company of good friends and good scotch.

Despite a little rain in the morning, the day turned clear and mild. This was actually preferable to hot hot hot like it has been since we had all decided swimming in bilharzias-infested water was not for us. Even without the swimming, reading and playing cards in the shade on a beautiful beach is not the worst way to while away a day.


Fango said...

Feliz cumpleanos a J! Tanti auguri.
Hope the novels #1 and #2 find steady swift paths. Oh, and long live cribbage.

Sam said...

The best story about Pedroia, Francona and cribbage comes thanks to ESPN the Magazine. They did a profile of Francona in their final issue of 2007 where they talked about the cribbage games. Two weeks later, they ran a letter from Dustin Pedroia that read very close to: "Great article on Terry Francona. It's true he's a great manager. However, he's a terrible cribbage player." I love that either Pedroia actually wrote in to ESPN or that someone pretending to be him (more likely?) did.

hannah said...

What makes this story even better is that on the DVD, when Francona is asked about Pedroia and cribbage, he says something along the lines of, "Pedroia's not much of a cribbage player, but he's definitely a great baseball player."