Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mystery Date

Action movies make him laugh? At least he didn't say comedies, right? I'm pretty sure if I read in the paper that a guy I had gone on a date with had suggested I was a liar, I wouldn't be calling him any time soon. Aren't artistes just the worst? I like artists much better.

Prince Jjuuko Thaddeus
Occupation: Artiste (Matendo Band)
Interests: Watching music videos, singing, playing badminton
Favourite Film: Beyonce (Nigerian)
Music: Reggae
What don't people like about you?
My dreads
What do people find attractive about you: Self respect
What would you love your mystery dream date to be: Not rude, respects herself and respects me, shows me love and likes my occupation
What makes you laugh? Action movies

I had no idea what would happen during the date. When I arrived at the restaurant, I found her already seated. I began by teasing her before eventually revealing myself as her date. I first asked her whether she had ever seen me before and she said she had seen me in my music videos on TV. When I asked her who she was waiting for, she said it was somebody she did not know. It was then that I told her I was the one she was waiting for.
She became excited and told me how she had planned to take off had he turned out to be an old man.

What did you find impressive about her?

She is a cheerful girl, a black beauty and portable (slender). She is also very friendly. Can you imagine she promised to visit me and to call me to visit her friend with whom she had watched my video? She said she had always looked forward to a day she would meet me every time she watched my videos.

Does that mean you are considering her for a serious relationship?
Not really. I was just asking to find out how she felt about me. She is still a student and I would like her to concentrate on her studies. Nevertheless, I can't rule out a serious relationship in future. For example, when I asked if her parents would have a problem with me marrying her, she said she was mature enough to make her own decisions.

Was there any weakness you noticed in her?

As an artiste, I can tell a liar. She told me she usually goes to Lido Beach yet she doesn't drink, but I have never seen anybody at Lido Beach who doesn't drink. Moreover, according to her talk, she seems like someone who enjoys hanging out.

Any memorable incident during the date?
The time we ordered for our dinner. Whereas I chose a chicken burger, she opted for a beef burger but according to her reaction, it seemed she had never tasted it before. I even intend to compose a song out of that.


Student, soon joining university
Interests: Swimming, resting in bed
Favourite Film: Akabadi (Amarula Family)
Eagles Production/band music
What don't people like about you?
I'm reserved
What do people find attractive about you? I'm smart
What would your mystery dream date be? Smart, steady, loving
What makes you happy? Meeting someone I love

I arrived at the venue at around seven o'clock but didn't find anybody. After a short time he came from the opposite direction and went to the reception.

Thereafter, he came to my table and began asking me questions. He asked for my name and whether I had ever seen him anywhere before. I told him I had only watched him on screen.

What impressed you about him?

He is a smart guy and a good conversationalist.

Did you notice any weakness in him?
Not at all. He was perfect.

If he told you he loved you, what would you say?
I would ask him to give me some time because I need to study him before making a response.

Do you hope to stay in touch?

He gave me his phone number but I did not give him mine because I usually don't give men I meet for the first time my contact. But since I have his, I may give him a call one day.

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