Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Rainforest Lodge

Still catching up. Here's an older post I never got around to:

Before our trip to Paris, J and I spent the night at the newish Rainforest Lodge in Mabira Forest, about an hour outside of Kampala. It was awesome to get out of the city, but we were the only people staying there, which was a bit strange. Difficult to feel inconspicuous when you’re the only guests. We were there because I had a writing assignment (more on that later) to review the lodge and, knowing that, the staff was outrageously attentive. Otherwise, it’s a peaceful place.

(I took some better photos than these, but I’m not sure yet if any are being used with the piece and I don’t want to piss my editor off by “publishing” them here first.)

Looking for monkeys on our porch:

Our cabin nestled in the woods:

Aside from taking a guided forest walk, there seems to be little else to do except lounge around here by the pool—at least you get some exercise hiking up and down the steep incline that leads to the pool:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Han!! Cool that you have a travel writing assignment you international woman of mystery!