Monday, July 16, 2007

Love, According to the New Vision

As far as I can understand it, this article was written under the misguided premises that a) all women want to marry a man and b) all men are worth marrying. There are many other misguided premises inherent in his argument, but I'll let you figure them out for yourselves.

Do Women Benefit More From Polygamy? By Dr. Herbert Mugarura
The New Vision, July 14, 2007

“Polygamy may be criticized but it actually forces men to face up to their responsibility to protect and provide for their women and children.
A forced monogamy is responsible for surplus of women that may lead to prostitution, hatred and quarrels, to intense jealousy in women, and mere physical relationships without the required intimacy and related evils as diseases, abortion, illegitimate children, adultery, and witchcraft.
Polygamy takes account of an excess of women to men which occurs in most areas. Monogamy forces them to become lovers of married men, be prostitutes, go with single or married men and possible end up becoming single mothers. It is a choice of eternal chastity on one hand and loneliness, childlessness and mutual support on the other.
…Polygamy can help those women who want to be in a monogamous marriage. If everybody is better with polygamy, who will be interested in prohibiting it? Who gets hurt if polygamy is allowed? Obviously not the women who are forced to be single! Not single mothers! Not prostitutes and obviously not the deserted women!
…A woman is generally much more particular than a man in giving her love, while the normal man tends to be attracted to coitus by nearly every more or less young and healthy woman. A woman is more sexually focused and it is rare for her to experience sexual desire for several men at once. Even the prostitute has her special fancy man.
In a way, a woman’s monogamous nature plays well into the polygamous argument of man. It is said that woman’s natural jealousy is not at a man’s loving another but at his forsaking her or the future threat of this. And polygamy takes care of this concern.”

Has this guy ever had a girlfriend? For the full atrocity, go here.

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