Thursday, July 5, 2007


In my inbox, which turned out to be from N., sadly:

Dear Ms. Harlow,

Thank you for your Letter to the Editor regarding the reinstatement of our weekly feature, Mystery Date. We appreciate your interest in this feature, and are glad to inform you that we did not discontinue our Mystery Date feature, but merely suspended it for a few weeks, as our Intimate section editor was on leave. However, she has returned, and this Saturday will mark the return of Mystery Date. We hope you will continue reading in future weeks.

Incidentally, our entire staff got a chuckle out of your plea:

"The swing under the stars! Oh, how I miss the swing under the stars. Please say you’ll bring Mystery Date back."

As a small reward for your creativity, we have attached a sneak photo preview of the couple from this week's Mystery Date. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks again for reading.

New Vision Editorial Team

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