Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Hiatus

Tomorrow we are off to Murchison Falls for three days—this brief Cape Town entry will have to tide you over until we return.

What Brought Me to Cape Town:

JL is a friend from high school. JL is marrying PJ. PJ teaches at a middle school in Massachusetts and helped arrange a trip for nine students, four parents, four other faculty members, his father, sister, sister’s friend, and an aunt who lives in Johannesburg to do a two-week tour of South Africa, which included an exchange with a couple of schools around Jo’burg, a safari, and four days in Cape Town. I met up with this crew just for the Cape Town portion of the trip because I really wanted to see the city, I really wanted to see JL and PJ (especially since we’re very sad to be missing their wedding in September), and I went alone because J has already spent time in Cape Town and it’s not cheap to get there from Entebbe.

PJ and his aunt had the whole trip mapped out, all I had to do was show up. We stayed at the Vineyard Hotel in the Claremont suburb, a proper hotel, very nice, the indoor pool and gym look out over the mountains, and our room’s windows looked out over a Japanese garden with a fountain that made it sound like it was raining all the time.

See that big bus in the background with Megacoach written on it? That was our bus. Oh, this was a proper tour, too.

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