Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Zanzibar VI: Breezes

The Best Things About Breezes:
1. The Shower. Water pressure!
2. Rum punch

The Worst Thing About Breezes:
1. All of their other cocktails. Terrible.

Things We Got for Free at Breezes Because It was Our Honeymoon:
1. Bottle of (really, really bad) Prosecco
2. 20 % off my massage
3. A “sundowner,” which included glasses of wine and “bitings” delivered to our room one evening
4. “Bed Under the Stars.” Does this not sound amazing? Terrifying? All of the above? A note was left in our room notifying us this would occur on our last night. What could this be, we wondered? First, you need to understand that the room at Breezes had A/C. Second, you need to be reminded that it is absurdly hot in Zanzibar and humid. Now, when we came back from dinner and drinks Thursday evening, we discovered that the bed under the stars consisted of two twin beds pushed together out on our balcony, surrounded by a mosquito net. But since the mosquito net needs to be hung from something, the bed was actually set up underneath the balcony’s overhang, so if you’re in the bed, there are actually no stars to be seen. So this is as close as we got to using the ever-so-romantic bed under the stars:

(The pictures are blurry because the camera fogged up when we took it out of the air-conditioned room and into the rain-forest-like air outside.)

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