Monday, April 23, 2007

Limited Options

Saturday afternoon P. took us to Owino Market downtown. The market has everything and it is insane. The aisles are narrow and incredibly crowded (going on Saturday afternoon was maybe not the best idea). P. led us straight to the curtain guy. Again, fabric options were not good. Think 1980s floral patterns in teal and pink, super heavy fabrics, often shiny. We found a striped brown that wasn’t so bad for half the apartment and a striped light yellow for the other half. This was quite a production, though, because we had to check the measurements—somehow the guy ultimately had just the right sizes. It weirded me out a little bit.

Meanwhile we had an eye out for a blanket to fit our king-sized bed. So while P. worked with the curtain guy on the measurements, J and I sat across the aisle, very much in the way, while multiple people from the neighboring stalls brought blankets for us to inspect. We almost got this leopard-print blanket with a leopard’s face in the middle of it—it felt like the stereotypically correct option—but it was a little more expensive. Also, there was a lot of confusion over whether certain blankets were new or second-hand.

We finally settled on this lovely pattern, which sort of matches the curtains:

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