Sunday, April 22, 2007

Couches, Slugs

We really, truly moved into our apartment on Friday. Well, half of it. Our apartment will eventually be two connected units. We’ve moved into one and the second will be ready yesterday, which means tomorrow, maybe.

Friday we went shopping. We bought a stove and television at a Costco-type place, though obviously not as awesome as Costco. But the real fun was buying the couch. This is what the couch place looks like from the outside:

We decided to go as cheap as possible since we don’t see this couch as a long-term investment. We had a choice of two styles and a couple different fabric patterns, all of them hideous. Not uncomfortable, though.

N. bought his couch before us from the same place, so he had told us that while negotiating, he thought he was just buying a couch. After they settled on a price, the guys started loading the pick-up with the couch AND two chairs. N. asked P. why they were giving him two chairs, as well. Apparently it’s a package deal. So we got a couch and two chairs for about $100.

Here they are loaded on the truck:

On the way to the apartment, we stopped at our old house to pick up our mattress. We didn’t think they’d be able to fit everything in one trip, but we were wrong:

Here’s the lovely pattern. The cats approve.

The new house has many slimy creatures. Worms crawl up the bathtub drain and Saturday morning we discovered this guy on our front deck:

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