Wednesday, April 4, 2007


We picked up the car on Monday afternoon! So far I have left the driving to J. I would like to practice first and not in a traffic jam, thank you, of which there are many here. I'm going to have to take some pictures of the potholes here because they are not to be believed. Keeping your eyes on the road takes on a whole new meaning.

On the topic of photos, I promise there are more forthcoming...

...especially of white sandy beaches once we are back from our honeymoon in Zanzibar next week! We leave Friday. No computers, no email, nothing. Expect a one-week hiatus.

It has been promised that our apartment will definitely, definitely be ready by the time we get back. I'm taking bets.

Ooh, and this afternoon I am interviewing a woman to come to our apartment two afternoons a week (plus N.'s one afternoon a week) to clean and do our laundry. I never in my life expected to have "hired help."

Laundry is done in a bucket, by the way.

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