Monday, June 11, 2007

The Worst Blogger

That’d be me. Last Thursday we went to the opening of N.’s musical, “Hope,” to which I brought my camera so I could take pictures to show all my faithful readers. Only, I forgot to charge the battery. You will have to go to N.’s blog and take a look at the photos his friend took (who was sitting right next to me, so it would have been the same view anyway).

The musical was fantastic, and N. fantastic in it. Put on by the Kampala Amateur Drama Society, it told the story of Hope, a young Ugandan woman who has just spent the past few years at a Midwestern American university. She returns to her village with a (white) friend/potential love interest, played by N., and a number of other international aid workers she has recruited to help build, among other things, a well and a new school. The play perfectly captured many of the customs both good and bad peculiar to each of the races represented, in ways funny and touching.

It was a light-hearted rendition, the crowd was into it, and you could see the actors relax and start to enjoy themselves as the night went on. I particularly enjoyed N.’s portrayals of a cow and a cowboy, in addition to his more formal role as your run-of-the-mill, clueless Muzungu.

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Karen said...

You are the worst!! How come I had to go to this Nathan guy's blog to see pictures of you??