Friday, June 1, 2007

Love Letter to America

Welcome back to me. As this is a blog about Uganda, posts from the States somehow didn’t feel right. In two and a half weeks I crammed a lot of people and places into my trip. Not at all focusing on those people or places, here are some things I discovered:

Things I Didn’t Realized I Missed Until I Got Back to the States
1. Vitamin Water—The white one, lemonade flavored. So good.
2. Veggie Chips from Whole Foods—The carrots are like candy.
3. Whole Foods—A true wonderland.
4. 250 Channels and Nothing On—This is just not true when your parents have HBO On Demand, and when you can download Lost from iTunes, and when it’s Red Sox season.
5. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches—140 calories of tasty goodness in a variety of flavors. Makes you believe in frozen yogurt again.

Things I Knew I Missed and, It Turns Out, for Good Reason
1. The Red Sox—Youklis batting .340? Dice-K and Papelbon? For the first time since, like, 1946 more than 11 games up in their division? We picked the wrong season to leave the country.
2. Bagels—If you are ever in the Portland, Maine, area, you should head into South Portland and find the Scratch Baking Co. in Willard Square. They’re not “real” bagels, but they’re freakin’ delicious bagels.
3. The Sunday New York Times—more so when there’s an acrostic.
4. Starbucks—I know it’s expensive and I know they’re a big ol’ chain, but they make really tasty drinks.

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Pato said...

Vitamin water is pretty good, and lemonade is definitely the tastiest. The Sox are muy increible. Bagels and the Sunday Times are consistent joys. I'll raise some of all whilst watching the Sox to you and J today.