Friday, June 22, 2007

Quiz Night Highlights

Last night we had plans to go to Bubbles, the Irish ex-pat bar, for quiz night and were very disappointed to discover it only happens every other Thursday and this week was an off-week. So we went to Fat Boyz for Mexican food and, thanks to a Tusker promotion, for every three beers we ordered, we got one free. Then we discovered Tusker was also sponsoring quiz night at Fat Boyz. Very fortuitous.

Round one covered general knowledge, which we won, thank you very much (though helped in part by our waiter on the one or two questions that required knowledge of Uganda’s historical figures). Tusker T-shirts, hats, bags, and beers all around, including a bag to the waiter, which made him very happy.

Round two covered science and nature. One of the questions we got wrong: What is the most affordable way to treat a cold or flu? We answered: rest or sleep. Pretty darn cheap! But the answer was boiled water. Huh? I don’t know. We didn’t get an explanation. But we came in second that round. No prizes.

Round three covered entertainment, mostly of the East African variety. We got three out of ten right, which certainly won us no prizes.

Round four was sports. Think (not American) football, tennis, and the site of the 1964 Olympics, which was Tokyo, but we guessed Rome because really, we couldn’t remember. Do you know which famous football player started a football camp in Senegal? It's not Pele. We didn’t win this round and didn’t stick around to find out how badly we lost.

Quiz night is hard for Americans in Commonwealth countries. Not surprisingly, this garners us little sympathy save from our fellow Americans.

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