Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mystery Date

The New Vision is full of gems today, including my favorite.


"Since this was my first time to go for a date, I did not have much expectation. I knew it would be challenging, but I still had to prove my worth. Everything looked strange. In fact, I kept wondering what topics to discuss with her. But since Betty is friendly and social, we shared sweet moments. I enjoyed myself very much. Indeed, she made my evening.

Tell me more about the sweet moments you shared

(Loud laughter) I remember the moment we looked straight into each other�s eyes. We then used our forks to feed each other. It was very romantic. Before the photographer arrived, she was very free. When she saw the camera, she became very scared and tensed. But I reassured her that all would be fine.

When are you taking her for another date?
(Hesitates) Hmmnnn�.! I would be willing to take her for a date but we did not get each other�s contacts. I did not ask for her phone number because a friend of mine once advised me that I should never ask for a lady�s phone number. It is the lady to give me her number or ask for mine; not vice versa. Asking for a lady�s phone number would make her feel proud.
However, she directed me to her workplace along Nasser Road and I shall try to trace her from there. If she is interested, we shall keep in touch and remain very good friends."


"When I walked into Kyoto Restaurant, my heart almost skipped a beat. I was scared stiff and I did not know what to expect. It was my first time to meet a stranger on a date.
When he arrived, our initial conversation left me quite disappointed. He was not asking me any questions at all; I took the lead in the conversation. Even when I asked him simple questions, he merely scratched his head. We are agemates but he is not as sharp as I expected.
I would like a man who asks me questions and challenges me to think but he did not. (shakes her head) Maybe he is still young. How about arranging another date for me with an older man who is sharp? I did all that I could do to make him happy and to enable him feel free but he remained tensed.
He kept telling me about his childhood but little about his present life. That was not bad but I was more interested in knowing the present person.
I was amazed when he told me he is a student at Kyambogo University. I imagined a university student would do better than that.

Anything you liked about him?

(Brief silence then takes a deep breath) Have you ever been in a situation where everything is negative? There was nothing good to remember. I did not bother to get his contacts.
Actually, I did not like him. He is still young. Maybe we can be friends but I don�t see myself keeping in touch with him."

How did I know from the beginning this would not work out? What makes Ezra laugh: Jokes. What makes Betty laugh: A person with big teeth.

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