Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mystery Date Returns

It’s back. But not wholly satisfying. See for yourself:

Christopher, 28, says:
“When Jackie arrived her voice and beautiful figure calmed me down. She is an open-minded girl who loves to learn from others. She is also tolerant, bold and principled. She would hold my hand and talk while looking at me straight in the eyes. She shares a name (Jackie) with my ex and that brought back some unpleasant memories. We had a good time with my ex till she became pregnant. It turned out that I wasn’t the one responsible!”

Jackie, 20, says:
“I was anxiously looking forward to someone so special and so handsome. And yes, I wasn’t disappointed. Chris is knowledgeable, dark-skinned and handsome; just the kind of guy I was expecting to meet.

“Apart from discussing our personal lives, we spent a long time on our previous relationships. It is an interesting coincidence that I share a name with his former girlfriend, (takes a deep breath). It was quite challenging because he doesn’t have good memories of this previous relationship. I shall have to overturn those memories.

“He will appreciate that there is also a sweet Jackie and that not all girls by the name of Jackie are bad. That certainly requires more quality time spent together.”

The interviewer goes on to ask both of them when the wedding will be held.

It should also be noted that Christopher chose to go out with Jackie, so it’s not like her name was a surprise to him upon meeting her.

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ألاسمحاجّ said...

I've always wondered the kind of people that "audition" for these things, did you by any chance read about the couple before those i gess it was? Very ridiculous!!