Thursday, August 16, 2007

Burrito Night is the Best Night

If anyone reading this plans on visiting us here in Uganda, let me drop a small hint: pack tortillas. A can of black beans would not be unwelcome either. Salsa, if you’re feeling really ambitious. Those little seasoning packets? They weigh very little and take up practically no space. (We can provide the meat, the cheese, and the guacamole. Also we can make our own salsa and seasonings, so really the important things are tortillas and beans.)

N.’s friend R. recently visited from the States and this is exactly what she did: she brought burrito in a box. Brilliant.

How can we live in a place where you can’t get a decent burrito? Mom, this is how you know we won’t live here forever.

Tortillas and beans, people, that’s all you have to remember before you hop on that plane.

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