Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spiderman, Interrupted

Sunday night we skipped the free film festival movies and opted instead to pay to see Spiderman 3 in the mall movie theater. Really really disappointing. Like, cover your eyes embarrassing. But I bet this has never happened to you: 45 minutes into the movie, the power went out. When we lived in J.’s house in the Bukoto neighborhood, the power went out often, at least every other day. It would often be out all night. But, since moving into our new place down the street from the U.S. Ambassador’s house, our power has only gone out once. I’ve gotten used to having power all the time.

You’d think the movie theater would have a generator.

We sat in darkness for about ten minutes before we decided to go out to the lobby and see what the deal was, if the movie was starting or we could get our money back and go home. In the lobby we found lots of other people from the audience milling about, but not anybody who actually worked at the theater. Did we forfeit our collective Ush33,000 and call it a night? Or wait it out? Or track someone from the theater down?

Before a decision could be made, the power came back on, we went back inside, and finished watching an unwatchable movie. I almost wish we had left when we had the chance.

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