Thursday, May 10, 2007


I will be back in the States from Saturday, May 12 through Tuesday, May 29 with brief appearances in New York, Boston, Cape Cod, and a not so brief appearance in Maine. If you live in one of those areas and I do not call you, it is because the appearance is too brief and not because I don’t love you. I do.

I have 24 hours of Ambien-filled travel time to work out my response to “So, how is Africa?” Suggestions welcome.

I don’t know how often I will be posting from the road, but feel free to check back often.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you Han!! -Steph

Kelly said...

Perhaps you could come up with a series of six adjectives that would sum up your experience so far. They could be an acronym for Africa, for instance: Amazing, Fearless, Ridiculous, Ironic, Canny, Special. Cute as it is, perhaps it might annoy people?

I have Annie Dillard's "A Writing Life" for you so don't buy it OK? And, like Steph, I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...
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