Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air Uganda

Uganda has a new national airline, run by Italians, as far as I can tell, which we flew to Mt. Kilimanjaro airport from Entebbe. With the new airline comes a new in-flight magazine, managed by the Aga Khan, who also runs the Ugandan newspaper The Daily Monitor, among other things. A friend gave my name to the new editor of the magazine and I wrote two articles for the second issue, which was due out a few weeks ago. I had high expectations of finding the magazine on our flight, opening it up, and showing my family the articles I had written. Alas, and not surprisingly for a new operation in Uganda, the magazine was not there. It has been delayed and delayed and delayed, for various reasons. I have still not seen a copy, but I am picking up my check today, so that’s something. I’ll have three articles in the third issue...More on this soon, hopefully.

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