Saturday, December 22, 2007

From Paris II

Because my mom is awesome and sent creative and amazing gifts across the Atlantic, Christmas has come to our hotel room. This is a grow-a-tree, a weird and sprightly little thing - the packaging says it isn't toxic, but the crystals that grew on the paper leaves when I added water are a little disconcerting. I've decided it's best not to touch them, pretty as they may look.

This morning we checked out Sainte Chapelle, built from 1242-1248 and still absolutely beautiful:

From there we went to the Centre Georges Pompidou, the modern art museum. From the top floor (where there was a Giacometti exhibit underway) there are some amazing views:

After lunch and a wander through the Latin Quarter, we ended up once again in Luxembourg Gardens before heading back to the hotel for a rest up before dinner:

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