Friday, October 5, 2007

Return from Egypt

Sorry for the delay in posting. Our flight got in Wednesday morning and I spent the day napping and finishing my book. I didn’t want to like Special Topics in Calamity Physics – what with its young, pretty, intelligent author, but it’s just too good. The only grudge I can hold against Marisha Pessl is having her narrator announce that Hannah is a name for troll babies. If that’s true, I was the freaking cutest troll baby ever. Yesterday I had hints of a migraine, freaked out, and stayed home watching One Tree Hill Season 2 instead of heading to Kabira to use the Internet.

J and I left for Egypt last Wednesday afternoon. We changed planes in Nairobi (perhaps my least favorite airport I’ve ever passed through) and paid $9 each for copies of US Weekly and People magazines. That’s how desperate I am. takes way too long to load in this country. Our next flight stopped in Sudan, though we didn’t have to get off the plane. It was dark when we landed so I couldn’t see much. A shocking number of people got off in Sudan, though, and a shocking number of people got on. The woman next to me who got off was studying some numbers labeled something along the lines of “Exit Strategy for Refugee Camps,” and I can only imagine everyone else getting off and on also was also some sort of aid worker. It’s not exactly a vacation destination, right?

We arrived in Cairo late that night and stopped to use the ATM in the airport. We tried three and none of them worked. We used U.S. dollars to take a cab to the hotel. We were tired and we figured we would deal with it in the morning. Maybe there was just something wrong with the airport ATMs…

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